Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Remembering Seshendra

Earth An Epic
24hours of distance lies from sun to sun
only two hearts of distance lies
from human being to human being
The sky opening up its pink folds
flying itself in the winds of dawn-
Look! how many riffles of distance lies
from village to war!
Is Seshendra, really a poet prophet?
Post your opinion in this comments box.


sudha said...

Very nice site. I really enjoyed it. I just felt as if I am speaking to you.

Verrrry nice. Keep it up.

Powered by Pawan said...

These few lines are quite powerful. I havn't read seshendra till now. May be, I will. So, I cannot answer your query. But then, there is a prophet in every poet:-)who is this girl? "I jst felt as if I am speaking to you"!!! what the heck does she mean? Has she erased the distance between the hearts??? telepathy? whatever, she has by one stroke of her fingers elevated herself. quite an achievement. there is the typical girl for u. Beware.

music mantra said...

hi kesh justsaw the blog ! simply cool ! suvasananu mosukochina pillathemmeralaa vundi padajalam ! kadu kadu maayajalam !